6. Avrupa Onkolojik Üroloji Derneği Toplantısı (ESOU)
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6. Avrupa Onkolojik Üroloji Derneği Toplantısı (ESOU)
16 - 18 Ocak 2009
Ceylan Intercontinental Otel / İstanbul
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+31 (0)26 389 1751
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Dear Colleagues and Guests,

It is our great pleasure to welcome you all in Istanbul for the 6th Meeting of European Society of Oncological Urology (ESOU). We are excited to see old friends and make new ones while enjoying a highly prestigious scientific atmosphere blended with a unique mixture of cultural heritage of many civilisations for thousands
of years and traditional hospitality.

We are in a phase of fast transition in oncological urology both in surgical and medical treatment methods. Introduction of laparoscopy followed by robotic surgery in urological armamentarium resulted in major changes in our daily surgical practice. Consequently, the quality of traditional open surgery has also been
improved due to more intense efforts of surgeons to match the attributed advantages of new techniques. During the same period, medical community witnessed a revolution in the field of oncology in general and urological oncology in particular with the introduction of “targeted therapy”. Renal cancers are the primary target of these new agents, mostly suitable for oral use, for the time being, however there are many
reasons for other malignancies of the urogenital tract to benefit from such drugs as well. This era of new developments set the scene for the 6th ESOU Meeting in Istanbul. As reflected by the exciting scientific program and contribution of a highly prestigious international faculty, this meeting promises to become another milestone of ESOU tradition.
Participants will also have the opportunity to enjoy the marvellous city of Istanbul in all sense, which is at the crossroad of many civilisations for thousands of years.

We are looking forward to meet you in Istanbul for the 6th Meeting of ESOU and we will do our best to make this event an extraordinary one both scientifically and socially.

With our best and personal regards,

Prof. Levent Türkeri
Local Organizer
ESOU Board member

Prof. Vincent Ravery
ESOU Chairman
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