Joint 4th EORTC Pathobiology Group Annual Meeting & 1 st International Multidisciplinary Cancer Research Congress
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Joint 4th EORTC Pathobiology Group Annual Meeting & 1 st International Multidisciplinary Cancer Research Congress
21 - 24 Mayıs 2009
Queen's Park Resort Kemer / Antalya
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We are happy to inform you that the 5th cancer research meeting with the theme of translation of basic cancer research activities into the clinics (TRANSLATIONAL ONCOLOGY) is in progress. The meeting series have already been organized 4 times since 2002, of which two were held in Uludag / TURKEY in a semi-international symposium format. This time, it is intended to become fully-international with leading speakers in their fields in order to attract global cancer research arena to TURKEY. In this joint congress, the 4th annual meeting of EORTC PathoBiology group will be held together with the 1st international multidisciplinary cancer research congress.

Main theme is early diagnosis of cancer and molecular basis of tailored-cancer treatment.

Integrated behavior of all disciplines in diagnosis and treatment of cancer is undoubtedly the key to successful management of cancer. For example, the pathology considering tissues at the same time as molecular samples, the molecular biology/genetics/biochemistry/nuclear medicine revealing patient–spesific molecular characteristics, the medical/radiation oncology deciding on tailored-therapy, or the tumor surgery when making a decision on a more comprehensive or more limited operation are all current reflections of this integration to the patients/clinics. Moreover, new disciplines such as pharmocogenomics, metabolomics etc. also are rapidly taking their place in the clinics.

This congress will be held in Antalya region, also called Turkish Riviera, under the umbrella of currently established ASSOCIATION FOR MOLECULAR CANCER RESEARCH in Turkey, and we are warmly welcoming all basic cancer researchers and clinicians to attend this joint meeting and to experience the Turkish hospitality in a delightful seaside-5 star holiday resort in Antalya in May 2009.

With our sincere regards,

Congress Organizing Committee
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