Apnea of prematurity, ventilator weaning in neonates, bronchodilator, weak pulmonary anti-inflammatory effects.
Increases contractility and decreases fatigability of diaphragm and respiratory muscles; weak bronchodilator, stimulates CNS;decreases airway responsiveness to stimuli.

Neonates (for apnea of prematurity, ventilator weaning, or bronchospasm): Loading dose: 6 mg/kg IV or PO. Maintenance dose: 2.5–3 mg/kg/dose q 12 hr IV or PO.

Asthma chronic therapy (see Theophylline). Use in acute therapy is of questionable value. If used as continuous IV infusion:
6 wk–6 mo: 0.5 mg/kg/hr.
6 mo–1 yr: 0.7 mg/kg/hr.
1–9 yr: 1 mg/kg/hr.
9–12 yr: 0.9 mg/kg/hr.
12 yr–adult: 0.7 mg/kg/hr.

Beyaz Hastane